George Mugwe Maina

CEO & Founder

Founding Director of Men of Purpose. His Passion is in Enabling Men Discover and Serve God's Purpose. Acts 13:36


Some Things About Us

Men of Purpose (MoP) was born out of a desire to see Christian Professionals and Businessmen develop Godly character, and to equip them to influence their world for Christ.

The founder Mr. George Mugwe Maina, a microfinance professional is the men’s ministry leader in his local church and it is out of his experience with the men that he found out that men need a place to open up, a place where they could say what they needed to say and not be judged. A place to be trained, equipped, and sent out.


  • Raising a Christian Men’s Movement all over the country.
  • Build Sustainable Men’s Discipleship Groups.
  • Organize Training Courses, Seminars, Conferences and Retreats that shall equip Men.
  • Outreach, Mentoring and Creating Wealth Creation Opportunities.

Where are the men (fathers)?

Sunday Nation on 18th August 2013-Research shows:

  • 6 out of 10 Kenyan women likely to be single mothers before reaching 45 yrs. Highest in Africa.
  • Kenya has highest number of children born out of wedlock. 30% giving birth before marriage.
  • The truth is few women would want to raise their children alone.
  • Most boys raised by single mothers long to know who their fathers are.


  1.  To confront real issues facing men.
  2.   Re-connect men to God by presenting the gospel of Christ without apology.
  3.   Mentorship and Personal Development.
  4.   Create opportunity networks for breakthrough.
  5.   Equip men to live in integrity.
  6.   Leadership development to make an impact. 
  7.   Challenge men to find their purpose in life.

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